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Health Benefits of Drinking from Brazilian Clay Water Filter Alkalinizes Water and Removes Metals

Health Benefits of Drinking From a Clay Water Filter

As more and more people become "conscious shoppers," it's no longer about quantity, but about quality. It's about buying the best for your money to ensure that you have the healthiest and most luxurious water you can get for your family.

This concise article details insights and key points that will exemplify how the purest and cleanest water can be available in your home by using a Brazilian Clay Water Filter

Not only do Brazilian Clay Water Filters alkalinizes your water, it also removes impurities that are found in water through the candle filter inside. Coupling with that, the clay material itself also acts as a filtering mechanism that removes such impurities that are found in water while keeping the filtered water a cool temperature to drink. 

Brazilian Clay Water Filter produces Alkaline Water and Removes Heavy Metals

The main reason to get a Brazilian clay water filter is because it filters drinking water from harmful chemicals and shrinks the masses of microorganisms in our water, which leads to saving or relying on alternative filtered water. But clay also does a great job of filtering out many toxins like aluminum, mercury, lead, chlorine, and chlorine dioxide, according to The Drinking Water Book by Colin Ingram. Those effects combined with the ability to conserve drinking water make it very worthwhile to have a clay filter installed in your home or office kitchen sink for a natural solution to keeping your drinking water as clean as possible. According to the, clean water is important and people depend on clean water for their health: About 117 million Americans, one in three people, get drinking water from streams that were vulnerable to pollution. If you are interested in finding out more information about this telling statistic, please refer to the Clean Water Rule found on their website. 

Health Benefits of Using a Brazilian Clay Water Filter

The health benefits of drinking from a Brazilian clay water filter are many. For starter, a clay water filter effectively removes chlorine, organic chemicals, metals and salt. In addition, water becomes better for you after it travels through the pores of the clay due to electrolysis - which makes it essentially safe for consumption. The water and minerals of clay water filter were also found to be safer from health risks than regular tap water as it is free from pathogens. In addition, more than 50% of metal ions are removed for the best health, whereas about 80% of heavy metal ions were dissolved by chemical additives and other materials.

The most attractive feature of clay water filters is that no chemicals are used in their manufacturing process.

It also avoids using chemical masking agents and double use, to further protect the health of animals. Apart from the health benefits of drinking from clay water filters, they do not need more energy to be made, they require practically no resources and works with principle of thermal active bio-coagulation. Brazilian clay water filters are also hand-crafted individually.

Where Can You Buy a Brazilian Clay Filter online?

A Brazilian clay water filter is a great investment for your health and for long-term vitality from healthy drinking water that are free from contaminants. Whether you want to be prepared for a possible emergency, stay on top of your regular consumption of spring or purified water, or simply want to drink from natural sources in case there's a drought, finding one available can also be tricky.

If you are searching where to buy a Brazilian Clay Water Filter, Uai Central sells the Sao Joao Classic and Sao Joao Original online and on Amazon.

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