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Sell Products on Uai Central

Become a Uai Central Seller.

Uai Central is building something special. If you are a Brazilian business or entrepreneur looking to expand your product to North America, we can help. 

How does the process work?

Selling your product to the United States, Canada, and Mexico market can be a huge opportunity for your business. 

1. Contact Us to discuss your business with our partners 

2. Send your product to our warehouse in Texas, USA

3. Uai Central begins the process of delivering your product to our customer network in North America

4. Your business collects the revenue, Uai Central collects a commission per sale. Win-win.

Reach a new market. Deliver joy. Earn money.

By becoming a seller with Uai Central, you receive a dedicated and experienced team in North America that can provide massive growth for your company, internationally.

Uai Central is the largest online Brazilian Marketplace that is expanding its network of sellers. In order to grow the marketplace, the earliest sellers might benefit the most from the exposure and growth and the market learns. 

Whether you are a company or an individual seller. Work with us even if you only have a few items to sell online to North America.