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Sterilizing Ceramic Cartridge

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Triple Action Ceramic cartrige 

The Stefani sterilizong cartridge is considered one of the most efficient in the world in water treatment.

Its microporous ceramic material wall filters water by gravity, without adding chemicals, reducing impurities and retaining solid particles, which guarantees healthy water and free of microorganisms.

This cartridge is compatible with practically all gravity filters on the market and, without a doubt, there is no safer way to offer clean water and ensure health and well-being.


Triple Action - Sterilizing, with colloidal silver coating applied to the inside of the candle, together with activated carbon, work to filter and reduce odors, flavors and chlorine content, in addition to reducing the presence of bacteria in the water. The silver layer applied internally penetrates the pores of the cartridge, preserving its sterilizing property.

Each cartridge filters between 0.5 to 3 liters of water per hour during its life of 500 liters or 6 months of use. Discard the first 12 liters of filtered water per filter element (cartridge) before use.